DeMarini 2015 Youth Softball Bat Review

The DeMarini 2015 Youth Softball Bat (-13), one of the best softball bats in the market and approved for use in various amateur leagues in the United States. The construction of these bats speak for themselves, while other brands are struggling to cope with similar construction, some failed tremendously. The Bat is not just a work of art; it is a brand new technology.


The DeMarini 2015 Youth Softball Bat is what you call the batters’ bat, according to most satisfied users of this product. Softball bats of years ago were primarily made from wood (mainly from ash tree). There are still wooden bats in existence, but some sluggers prefer to have more “firepower”. Today, aluminum and composite bats are common among leagues and legends.

Non-wood (basically composite and aluminum alloy) bats are more durable and flexible than wood bats, although there are some disadvantages. But experts believed that the advantages of using non-wood bats overwhelmed the disadvantages. Non-wood softball bats maybe constructed via composite (reinforced carbon fiber polymer), thin-walled and aluminum alloy.

The proliferations of aluminum alloy and composite bats for youth leagues became popular in early 1980s. Just like durable and flexible bats, the DeMarini Overlord is considered one of the best-sellers in the online market. Find out why as we enumerate them for you.

Product Features

1. Quality Materials

The Overlord’s barrel is made from the tough and flexible X12 alloy while its handle is a new technology D-Fusion FT (flame tempered) Handle Extra Stiff Paradox Plus composite rod, which makes it more rigid but also flexible where it eliminates or diminishes the vibration on the barrel when a ball is hit. This alloy reinforces the barrel with added power and pop.

Vibration is almost always felt by the hitter when the ball touches the bat’s barrel and this sensation is so annoying, others feels the “sting” which sometimes hurt the hands and arms. This “feeling” is almost undistinguishable as it dramatically decreases these phenomenon when a Bat is used, as attested to by satisfied users and coaches.

2. Sleek and Long Handle

This type of bat is made with longer handle compared to other models. The handle is sleeker and so thin, gripping is absolutely cozy, much more when it is swung. The hitter will find the handle also smoother because it is wrapped by rubber tapes which makes gripping more tightly but not in a way that the palm of the hands would be hurt when it strikes the ball.

3. Slightly End-Loaded

The barrel is slightly end-loaded to give batters the maximum power in handling a good strike. This added slight load also increases the pop-up power of the bat. The barrel is incorporated by an ION-V End Cap which is also a sweet spot booster. The sweet spot of the barrel is where the best part where to hit the ball according to the swinging style of the batter.

4. Comes in 5 Sizes

This model comes in 5 sizes all with the same drop of -13. The drop is the difference between the length and the weight of the bat. The higher the drop, the lighter the bat will be. This condition is conducive to majority of players who want their bats as light as possible but with the “punch”. However, the length preference varies with the player’s arm-reach, built and other factors, hence the variation in sizes.

28 inch/ 15 ounce
29 inch/ 16 ounce
30 inch/ 17 ounce
31 inch/ 18 ounce
32 inch/ 19 ounce

5. RCK Designed Knob

The knob of this bat is sensibly designed to fit majority of hitters’ hands with its ergonomic RCK Knob which makes every strike a hit without losing the grip and creating the ultimate feel. The knob’s surface is printed with the bat’s information on size and length so that you may not confuse yours with others.

Pros & Cons


FT Handle Fuses to Barrel: This method of integrating the two parts eliminates more likely the vibration making a stiff and rigid fusing of the two elements. The momentum of hitting the ball is bounced back to the barrel.

Price More Affordable: Compared to other brands of the same category, the DeMarini Overlord is more economical an investment whiles the enjoyment and security is incomparable.
Combination Bats: Since these bats have an alloy barrel and composite handle, where vibration and “sting” is decreased, these conditions have also been proven to increase players’ confidence (psychological effect).


Grip Becomes Slippery with Minimal Use and Care: As stated, this is what will happen to the grip when the bat is seldom used or cleaned. It has to be wiped clean with dry and clean cloth occasionally when not in use so dust and dirt will not accumulate. The dust and dirt becomes slippery the moment the bat is used without cleaning.

Not Advisable to use During Extremely Low Temperature: Composite and alloy softball bats tend to be brittle under extremely cold environment, this type of bat is not advisable to use during these conditions, tournaments or not.


Composite and aluminum alloy bats are now the trend, because the price is competitive with wooden bats and much reliable and durable. While wood is susceptible to cracking, composites and alloys are tougher and seldom bents or breaks and are much lighter.

Fusing these two materials in seamless construction eliminates vibrations on the hands and arms of the hitter. The DeMarini 2015 Youth Softball Bat, which comes in -13 drop, is constructed this way. Really packed with lots of “firepower”!