Easton 2015 YB15MK Youth Baseball Bat Review

Primarily made from composite materials, the Easton YB15MK Youth Baseball Bat has one of the largest sweet spot, a -11 drop, the best barrel diameter, numerous sizes to choose from and affordable price, among others. With these not so ordinary features and functionalities compared to conventional baseball bats of olds, your choice had become narrower now.


Baseball is a very popular sport all over the world. Basically an outdoor game, it is played both by amateurs and professionals alike. To be able to hit the ball and make it reach the farthest distance through the zone, you need to have a very reliable baseball bat. The Easton 2015 YB15MK Youth Baseball Bat is one kind of baseball bat that can do wonders.

One of the United States’ finest makers of baseball bats, Easton, which introduced the world’s first two-piece baseball bat in 1999, is still reining the field up to this date. The Easton YB15MK Baseball Bat is made primarily for the youth of this generation, both for boys and girls who are of playing age.

Make your children active all day and give them healthy life and body, make them stop using the deadly gadgets (such as mobile phones, computers and other like stuffs) for a while that make them inactive and making them prone to diseases. The YB15MK Baseball Bat has what it takes to be one of the best sluggers in the field, find out more of this awesome product if you have difficulty deciding what to buy for your kids, here goes!

Product Features

1. Various Sizes in a Single Model

This product comes in 5 various sizes that your child could select to coincide with his or her preference. The chart below is useful information in determining the right size for your child’s different age group or his or her capability to swing, pick the one or ones best fitted for them:

28 inch/ 17 ounce
29 inch/ 18 ounce
30 inch/ 19 ounce
31 inch/ 20 ounce
32 inch/ 21 ounce

2. Basically -11Oz. Drop

As you can notice, the Easton 2015 YB15MK Mako baseball bats have a uniform drop of 11Oz. A “drop” is primarily the difference between the length and the weight of the bat (weight-length ratio in another term). Experts believed that the higher the drop, the lighter the bat and consequently, it follows that the smaller the drop, the heavier the bat. You can use this principle in assessing your child’s capability at his age.

3. Ultra-thin Composite Handle

The full composite construction of this durable bat models have a handle so thin enabling the best grip for the hitters. Its diamond grip handle enhances more exciting performance compared to ordinary bats. While other bats were hard to grip, the Easton 2015 YB15MK baseball bats are gentle to the hands.

4. Product Dimensions

The barrel of this bat measures an average of 2 ¼ inches in diameter, conforming to regulations. Its weight varies from 17 to 21 ounces, depending on the drop. The bats’ length varies from 29 to 32 inches, as stated above, also depending on drop. Now, the decision to choose the “right one” certainly falls within the child’s capacity to handle the weight and swing. It is always better to know the product’s dimensions first before deciding to purchase.

5. Little League, USSSA and Other Certifications (BFP Rating: 1.15)

This Easton Mako Baseball Bat enjoys various certifications and approval for use in tournaments such as the Little League Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, the Babe Ruth Baseball and many other leagues. It is also certified by the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) with a rating of 1.15 BFP (Bat Performance Factor), one of the highest ratings given to baseball equipment. This rating connotes universal quality and conformity with the association’s standard of craftsmanship.

6. No Slip Grip

Since the handle of this bat is so thin, the hitter may find this thickness adaptable to his performance. The grip is certified to be non-slip, on this manner, the possibility of the slugger losing the grip on the handle is almost impossible.

7. Large Sweet Spot

The bat has a much larger sweet spot (the point in the bat’s barrel where the ball will reach the farthest distance when hit) according to satisfied customers’ testimonies. It might be absolutely true, as the Easton Mako Baseball Bats are “notorious” when it comes to sweet spots.

8. Low MOI Design

This bat is primarily designed to have a low MOI (Moment of Inertia), where it is more of a balanced swing bat and not end-loaded. In this manner, the weight is more equally distributed throughout the length of the bat enabling a balance swing when hitting the ball.

Pros & Cons


Rubber Wrap Grip: The grip of this bat is wrapped by a special type of perforated rubber. The perforations are made to give hands where “to breath” so that the palm won’t perspire a lot. The rubber wrap also diminishes the vibration and trampoline effect of a hit to the batters. Really lots of guts!

With Great Pop: The YB15MK has great pop-up capability but seldom foul-out. This character is rare in bats that are made through the composite technique.

Durable Rubber Knob: The knob of this bat is also made from durable rubber that gives a great bounce when it falls vertically. The drop (length and weight) is indicated on the face of the knob so it is easily distinguishable from other sizes.


Not for Other Hard Objects: This baseball bat is manufactured under strict quality guidance, however, it is not designed to strike other hard object such as concrete, steel and other similar structures. The good or bad news is: this bat is hard enough to hit somebody other than the ball. You could use this bat as self-defense and not the other way around.


As tips for struggling batters, bats will work well if you could handle the weight. This seemingly older than the game itself principle still exists today. That is why the Easton 2015 YB15MK youth baseball bat is designed to address this “old-age puzzle” by giving baseball enthusiasts the perpetual choices in selecting the bat for them, and the sizes are numerous. Count on the YB15MK baseball bat, make the choice!

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