Easton YB14S500 Youth Baseball Bat Review

When a child has an enthusiasm to succeed in every game, just don’t mess with his goals. You could help your child to achieve this goal by giving him the best equipment: the Easton YB14S500 S500 Baseball Bat. This bat is certainly one of the best in the planet, adding certainly your child’s skills; nothing could stop him to having the most sweet spot, the easy swing and convenience of gripping the bat and certainly striking the ball with ease and confidence. On his way to more homeruns!


Alloy baseball bats became the fad in tournaments and amateur games decades ago. Alloy bats (primarily metal and aluminum in combinations) were introduced in the 70s as an alternative to wood bats because of proven increased performance. The Easton YB14S500 is one of the best examples of this type of bat. Wood bats were also proven to easily crack with prolonged use.

One of Easton’s prides, the YB14S500 is a baseball bat for the youth of this generation, where games are held almost every minute around the globe, mostly friendly ones or in elementary or high schools across the planet.

Children as young as 5 years old learned the basics of amateur baseball, played by young boys and girls who want to prove to themselves that the game creates an atmosphere of friendship and competition through sports. While team performance is one of the keys to be successful in every game, the tools of the trade (such as bats, gloves and many others) must also be absolutely in great conditions.

Here, we tackle the enormous features the Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat as one of the tools of the game and find out why it should be number one in your list.

Product Features

1. Aircraft-grade Materials

This bat is made from aircraft grade 7050 aluminum alloy (also known as ASTM B247), which is different in composition compared to alloys of other brands. For your information, the 7050 aluminum alloy is a heat treated alloy which is tough, has strong mechanical strength and better corrosion cracking resistance than any other type of alloy. It is also lightweight, thus the Easton S500 has fast swing speed.

2. Thin Handle

Measuring only 29/32 inch in diameter (0.906”), the tapered handle of this bat is so thin, even a 5-year old child could easily grasp and grip. The intentional design of thinning the handle received unanimous decision among young users: they definitely want this kind of handle!

3. 4 Sizes, -13 Drop and Various Color

This model has 4 sizes on its sleeve. Each size has a role to play in every enthusiastic hitter. On this regard, the choice is up to you where your child’s capabilities match. The drop and barrel diameter are the same at -13 and 2 ¼ inches respectively, for every size. Consider these sizes:

27 inch/ 14 ounce
28 inch/ 15 ounce
31 inch/ 18 ounce
32 inch/ 19 ounce
Your choice is narrowed down from these sizes while there are 3 colors available: Green, Gray and Black.

4. USSSA Certified, BPF 1.15

The YB14S500 S500 is USSSA Certified and could be used in all games approved by this association. The bat is also enjoying the BPF (Bat Performance Factor) rating of 1.15 entailing a standard quality for maximum trampoline-like effect of the bat’s barrel that also signifies that the product is safe for used as the rating is universal for younger players.

5. Rubber Taped Grip

Your child will have no trouble handling this bat; much more when swinging is at stake. The young ballers could certainly and easily manipulate the bat with their bare hands as the grip is reinforced with soft rubber tape making the grip tighter and secured. The grip is also provided with a Pro Tack grip.

6. Beautifully Crafted Knob

The knob is made of rigid rubber that does not easily wear and tear even in high temperature surroundings. The bat is absolutely safe from impact when dropped accidentally. The length of the bat is printed on the knob’s face so it will not be confusing when mixed with other similar bats.

Pros & Cons


Lower Price Compared to Other Brands: As the size varies, so is the price. The price though is much lower compared to similar model of other brands.
No Problem with Cracking: Since alloy bats are more durable than composites, using this bat under low temperature surroundings is not a problem; you can expect this bat to lasts for seasons.
BBCOR Certified: The Easton YB14S500 S500 is certified one-piece BBCOR (Batted Ball Certificate of Restitution) bat.
End Cap is Beautifully Crafted: The end cap of this bat is masterfully crafted concave that highlights the manufacturer’s logo in the center.
Highly Recommended: This bat is highly recommended for kids 7 to 10 years old. If younger, you can choose the small size if younger ones have bigger built than average child.
Maintains Great Sweet Spot: This product is proven to maintain great spot along its barrel where the hitter will find it easily within a couple of tries, especially during practice sessions.
Longer Life Compared to Ordinary Bats: Since this bat is made from durable 7050 aluminum, it is expected that this bat will last a lifetime with proper care and handling.


Not for use other than baseball: Though your child may use the bat in strictly self-defense purposes other than the games, when necessary. The manufacturer advised users not to use the bat to hit hard objects such as concrete, wooden post and the fence, among others. The barrel, handle and even the whole bat may be damaged if purposely stroke to these and similar objects.


Made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the one-piece Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat has a sharply tapered and ultra-thin handle that gives the hitter the utmost comfortable feel and grip. Any playing age child could handle this “beast” of the playing field with speed on swinging and will not have difficulty manipulating its sweet spot. With varying sizes in one model, choosing is not really difficult. Just a brilliant baseball bat!

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